table 1

Stain RemOval Guide fOR WOOl CaRpetS

Origin of StainRemoval Step 1Removal Step 2Removal Step 3Removal Step 4
Beverages (tea,coffee)Clean Warm WaterFabric Detergent*--
Red Cordial / Soft DrinkConsult Specialist---
BleachCarpet Shampoo Solution---
BloodClean Cold WaterFabric Detergent*--
ButterDry-cleaning FluidCarpet Shampoo solution--
Chewing GumChewing Gum Remover---
ChocolateClean Warm WaterCarpet Shampoo solution--
Cooking OilDry-cleaning FluidCarpet Shampoo solution--
CreamCarpet Shampoo SolutionDry-cleaning Fluid--
EggCarpet Shampoo Solution---
Fruit JuiceClean Warm WaterFabric Detergent*--
Furniture PolishDry-cleaning FluidCarpet Shampoo solutionConsult Specialist-
Gravy and SauceClean Warm WaterCarpet Shampoo solution--
Ink (fountain pen)Clean Warm WaterFabric Detergent*--
LipstickDry-cleaning FluidFabric Detergent*Water-
Metal PolishBrush Off When DryFabric Detergent*Methylated Spirits-
MilkClean Warm WaterFabric Detergent*Dry-cleaning Fluid-
MustardCarpet Shampoo SolutionFabric Detergent*--
Nail PolishNail Polish RemoverDry-cleaning Fluid--
Oil and GreaseDry-cleaning FluidCarpet Shampoo solution--
Paint (emulsion)Clean Warm WaterWarm Carpet Shampoo  
Paint (oil)Turpentine or White SpiritDry-cleaning FluidCarpet Shampoo 
SolutionConsult Specialist   
RustDry-cleaning FluidRust removerConsult Specialist-
Salad DressingCarpet Shampoo SolutionDry-cleaning Fluid--
Shoe PolishDry-cleaning FluidCarpet Shampoo solution--
SootVaccum CleanCarpet Shampoo solutionConsult Specialist-
TarDry-cleaning FluidCarpet Shampoo solution--
Urine (fresh stain)Carpet Shampoo Solution---
Urine (old stain)Consult Specialist---
VomitConsult Specialist---
Wax (candle)Absorbent Paper & Hot   
IronDry-cleaning Fluid-- 
WineClean Warm WaterFabric Detergent*  

It should be noted that commercial cleaning firms have additional chemicals for use.


Fabric detergent - Solution of one teaspoon (5ml) of approved wool detergent with one teaspoon of white vinegar and one litre of warm water.


Nail polish remover - should not include lanolin or be of a greasy nature.


WARNING RUST REMOVER IS A STRONG ACID : AVOID SKIN CONTACT. READ SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. There are also a number of commercially available stain remover products. Liquid and powder, which may be used to remove many of the stains / spills.