table 2

Stain RemOval Guide fOR nylon CaRpetS

Origin of StainRemoval Step 1Removal Step 2Removal Step 3Removal Step 4Removal Step 5
Asphalt/tarDry-Cleaning SolventDetergentWater--
Beverages (tea,coffee,mixed drinks, beer)DetergentVinegar*DetergentWaterWater
Red Cordial/Soft DrinkConsult Specialist-Vinegar*--
BloodDetergentAmmoniaDetergentCold Water-
ButterDry-Cleaning SolventDetergentWater--
Chewing GumFreeze w/ice cube, shatter w/blunt objectDry-Cleaning Solvent for 3-5 minRepeat prior steps as necessary  
Cooking OilDry-Cleaning SolventDetergentWater--
Cough SyrupDetergentAmmoniaVinegar*DetergentWater
Dye (blue, green, red, black)Detergent for 3 min to 5 minHydrogen peroxide (20-30 min repeat until removed)   
until removed)Vinegar*Consult Specialist-  
Fruit Juices/BerriesDetergentVinegar*DetergentWater-
Furniture, polishDry-Cleaning SolventDetergentWater--
Glue (hobby)Dry-Cleaning SolventDetergentWater--
GravyDry-Cleaning SolventDetergentWater--
Ink (Ballpoint, felt pen)Dry-Cleaning SolventDetergentWater--
Ink (fountain pen)DetergentVinegar*AmmoniaWater-
Ink (permanent)Dry-Cleaning SolventDetergentWater--
LipstickDry-Cleaning SolventDetergentWater--
Make-up (mascara, foundation)Dry-Cleaning SolventDetergentWater--
Milk or Ice CreamDetergentAmmoniaDetergentWater-
Nail PolishNail Polish Remover----
Oil & GreaseDry-Cleaning SolventDetergentWater--
Paint (Latex)DetergentAmmoniaVinegar*Water-

Vinegar - undiluted white vinegar


Nail polish remover - should not include lanolin or be of a greasy nature. It should be noted that commercial cleaning firms have additional chemicals for use. There are also a number of commercially available stain remover products. Liquid and powder, which may be used to remove many of the listed staining materials. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.


Ammonia - undiluted household ammonia, foaming type containing detergent Hydrogen peroxide - 4 parts hydrogen 3% strength (10 vol.), 1 part household ammonia (foaming type). Use within 2 hours after mixing. Detergent - 1 teaspoon clear dishwashing detergent with 1 cup warm water.