Know more About Us - TUFTMASTER Carpets

Carpets are one of the most used textiles in the home. It serves homeowners for different purposes. It not only acts as a decorative item, but also keeps you comfortable and warm, specifically during the cold winter days. Besides this it also has a lot of other uses. Every home definitely requires carpet. If anyone is planning to carpet their home, it is very important that they should make their purchase from a reputable carpet manufacturing company that not only sells a wide range of carpets, but also assists in installation, maintenance, repairs and cleaning.


What is TUFTMASTER Carpets?

We are among one of the well-known manufacturers in Australia. We offer competitive pricing and appropriate flooring solutions for residential, commercial and industrial areas. For more than 40 years TUFTMASTER has provided premium floor coverings to both retail and commercial market sectors. Our wealth of experience has satisfied our clients with our quality solutions.


What is Special about TUFTMASTER Super Store?

We have provided modern layout and user friendly design that will result in a far better user experience, making it quicker and easier to navigate. We will help in every possible way for the selection of carpet to make this process easy and enjoyable. Whether a home decorator looking forward to create a beautiful home environment for their family, an Interior Designer or a professional Architect which are looking for the quality product for their client. We at TUFTMASTER Carpets - retail superstore provide a wide range of broadloom carpets for all applications from homes, offices, schools, restaurants where carpet is required.


Additional Facilities Given to Visitors

Also available on the website, it is possible to download any product information, specifications, and data sheets that are helpful for the selection of the right flooring for their residential or commercial area. Over the years TUFTMASTER continues to introduce exciting new residential and commercial ranges and also updates their selections with new and attractive colors in the well-established and quality commercial broadloom carpets.


Quality Carpet - A Benchmark for the Company

TUFTMASTER's carpets are available in 100% wool or 100% solution dyed nylon that has been tested and deemed low VOC in accordance with The Carpet Institutes of Australia’s Environmental Classification Scheme. This makes TUFTMASTER a good choice for residential and commercial applications, including hospitality, offices, health and aged care, retail and education institutions.


Value for Money for the Customers

We - reliable carpet manufacturing company, offers great value for your investment. We have a detailed product catalogue on our website. We offer a free quote request for our clients. We also provide help for the right selection of any type of residential and Industrial carpet based on your requirements and budget. And, above all, we treat our clients in a friendly manner. We at TUFTMASTER Carpets, supply various types of flooring that are produced from premium quality materials which are designed to give rich, luxurious and wonderful look. When it comes to making a selection there is a range of carpets available in various materials such as wool, nylon, or polyester, depending on your requirements. More information about the products is available on the website. (