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Act immediately to any spillages or stains. Avoid penetration of stain into the carpet fibre. liquids (particularly hot liquid) must be attended to immediately. failure to do so could result in permanent stain setting, pile distortion and possible loss of colour.


Remove as much of the spill as quickly as possible.

  1. DO NOT Scrub – Gently blot affected area. Never rub or scrub. Continue blotting residue with clean white cloth or paper towels, always working from the outer edge towards the centre, thus avoiding the spill spreading.

  2. Cold Water – Determine the appropriate method of stain removal as set up on Table 1 or Table 2. Most spillages can be removed with water and following Step 1. For other treatments, pre-test the treatment on a small area of the carpet to ensure that there is no damage and possible colour change.

  3. Press Dry – Ensure carpet is pressed dry between any step in the treatment process to remove excess moisture.

  4. Apply Water – Once treated, apply water on a cloth until the carpet no longer feels sticky. Blot up thoroughly with sponge or paper towel.

  5. Dry – Place a few layers of paper towels over the cleaned area to absorb any remaining moisture. If need be, use a flat weight till area is touch dry. A hairdryer may be used to speed up the process. Do not overheat the area and do not walk on carpet till dry.

  6. If stains fail to respond adequately to treatment, call immediately a professional carpet cleaner.

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