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Coach House



Patterned Loop

Pile Fibre

100% Wool


6.35 mm (¼")

Primary Backing

112 g/m2 (3.3oz/yd2) Heat stabilised woven polypropylene

Secondary Backing

237 g/m2 (5oz/yd2) woven jute

A.C.C.S Grade

REHD1(S) 5*

CMD(S) 2*

Fire Rating

Critical Radiant Flux: Will exceed highest requirement of 4.5 kw/m2 (Burning Behaviour) Smoke Value will not exceed 750 % min




Coach House offers versatility and will elevate any living space, that will handle the demands of a busy family home.
Coach House is available in 7 natural earthy tones, which offer increased thermal and acoustic comfort & superior appearance retention when correctly maintained.

Coach House is made up of contrasting dyed wools that have been blended into a "Heather".
The high contrast slubs or light and dark contrast yarns, are part of the normal characteristics of the carpet and are not a manufacturing fault.
Proudly manufactured in Australia


* Conditions apply - Guarantees apply to domestic indoor use of the carpet in an owner-occupier single-family residence (excluding stairs unless appropriately rated) in accordance with the recommendation/s made on the ACCS rating for carpet installed (if applicable) and maintained in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines.

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