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Level Loop

Pile Fibre

100% Nylon


6.35 mm (1/4")

Primary Backing

112 g/m2 (3.3oz/yd2) Heat stabilised woven polypropylene

Secondary Backing

203 g/m2 (5oz/yd2) woven jute

A.C.C.S Grade

REHD2(S) 6*

CMD(S) 2*

Fire Rating




Rawcliffe is a durable nylon carpet that will suit busy family homes & an affordable carpet option for multi - residential & office spaces,
Rawcliffe features a multi-faceted colour palette of natural earthy tones to enhance and elevate your interiors, while adding increased thermal and acoustic comfort.
Superior appearance retention when correctly maintained.
Great affordable carpet option.
Proudly manufactured in Australia


* Conditions apply - Guarantees apply to domestic indoor use of the carpet in an owner-occupier single-family residence (excluding stairs unless appropriately rated) in accordance with the recommendation/s made on the ACCS rating for carpet installed (if applicable) and maintained in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines.

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