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When you select a Tuftmaster carpet you can be assured that you are purchasing a product of impeccable quality that is backed up by our Product Warranty. Not only do we stand behind our product but we also stand behind Australia Tuftmaster is a wholly Australian owned company and Australian made. We use the highest quality manmade yarns that money can buy along with the finest New Zealand wool which is considered to be the best type of wool for carpet construction due to its natural strength and texture.

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Tuftmaster 7/10/15/20 year wear warranty.

Carpet that is covered by Tuftmaster wear warranty will have the appropriate warranty labels affixed to the back of store samples. Check to the appropriate applicable warranty in relationship to the purchased carpet.

Who is covered?

The original purchaser for use in an owner – occupied residence. The warranty is not transferable and is subject to appropriate general maintenance as set out in page 2.

What is covered?

Surface pile is warranted under normal wear and proper maintenance on abrasive wear of more than 20% of the original surface pile.

This is applicable to the

- warranty period for the said carpet.

- date of installation.


Abrasive wear means fibre loss caused by normal abrasion, not from flattening, crushing or any other changes in carpet appearance.


Specifically excluded from this warranty also relates to damage caused by pulls, tears, burns.

Tuftmaster Responsibility

In the event that the carpet fails to perform in accordance with the warranty, Tuftmaster will offer to repair, offer an allowance or accordingly offer a credit allowance against the cost of the carpet material in the affected area.


This would also be subject to the depreciate scale set out below.

All credits are passed onto the retailer of your purchase.

Consequential or Incidental damages, such as time loss from work, mileage, movement of furniture, delivery charges, repairs to skirting, painting, are all excluded and non payable by Tuftmaster.


7 Year Warranty

Replacement %

First 3 Years


4th Year


5th Year


6th Year


7th Year


10 Year Warranty

Replacement %

First 3 Years


Years 4 - 5


Years 6 - 7


Years 8 - 9


Year 10


15 Year Warranty

Replacement %

First 3 Years


Years 4 - 7


Years 8 - 11


Years 12 - 14


Year 15


20 Year Warranty

Replacement %

First 3 Years


Years 4 - 9


Years 10 - 13


Years 14 - 18


Years 19 - 20


20 year warranty applies ONLY to product featured under the Black Label Collection.


Under the new legislation these warranties apply only in Australia and New Zealand in respect to carpet purchased after January 1st 2012.

Consumer rights remain in effect as addition to these warranties.

Warranties do not cover any carpet which has been treated after installation for any protective material i.e.: fungicides, bacteriarcides, some cleaning agents etc or any other attributes of the carpet.

Warranties do not apply to non residential, commercial or tenanting of premises, outdoors, utility areas, kitchen and application of improper cleaning agents. Damage caused by abuse, accidents burning, flooding, pet damage (i.e. vomit, urine) smoke and use of athletic equipment also are not covered by warranty.

Domestic Use / Non Transferable

Tuftmaster carpet wear warranty is only applicable to the original purchase of the carpet for the domestic indoor use by its owner to occupied single family private residence. This is not transferable on sale of property and only applicable to 1st grade product.

Improper Installation & Maintenance

Carpet must be properly installed over underlay in accordance with the installation recommendation. Carpet displaying rucking (wrinkles) due to insufficient stretch and loss of tufts due to improper seaming of edges and seam peaking could void all or part of the warranty coverage.

Improper maintenance is outlined in page 2, will also be void of warranty.



New carpet should be installed over new underlay. Deterioration of underlay can cause problems with the carpet. Tuftmaster is not responsible for any defects caused by failure of the underlay.


Warranties do not cover problems caused by flooding, wetting or the presence of excessive moisture.

Insect Protection Warranty

Your Tuftmaster Wool Carpet has been treated to protect against insect and moth attacks for 10 years from date of purchase.

Should a problem arise within this period Tuftmaster will replace or repair the affected area, provided the carpet has been properly maintained during its life.


This warranty excludes fading, discolouration effected by atmospheric or chemical influences (ozone effect).

Changes To Carpet Colour

This warranty excludes carpet colour change resulting from external causes, household chemicals, spills and any other non food and non beverage substances.

Differences From Samples

Tuftmaster does not cover the normal production differences between the colour of the retail store sample and the colour of the actual carpet. Store samples should be used as a colour reference only as production will vary slightly from batch to batch.

Implied Warranties

Tuftmaster carpets that display the ACCS labels will accordingly warrant the appropriate product as described on the label. Any implied warranty statutory or otherwise is expressly excluded. Tuftmaster, will not unless otherwise required by consumer legislation, be liable or responsible for the cost of furniture and fittings removed nor accept any liability or responsibility for any consequential damages or expenses of any kind.

Consumers Responsibility

To maintain and protect any future warranty claims you must do the following:

- keep proof of purchase from the retailer showing price paid and installation date.

- have your carpet installed according to the Australia and New Zealand standard AS/NZS – 2455.

- show proof of periodic maintenance by a professional cleaning contractor. Carpet should be serviced at least every 2 years.

- warranties should also be validated and registered within 30 days of installation via the place of purchase (retailer).

Making A Claim

Should you believe your carpet is failing to perform in accordance with these warranties or your consumer rights, please notify your retailer in writing, describing the specific problem and include a copy of invoice. In the uneventful position should the retailer not respond please call directly to:


Tuftmaster Carpets
5 - 7 Cope Street
Preston VIC 3072
Phone: 03 8480 4000
Fax: 03 8480 4080


Tuftmaster will be responsible for limited and reasonable expenses associated with a warranty claim. Limited is defined as:

- uplifts & disposal of faulty carpets

- Replacement of same quality carpet. (In the event of the customer choosing a different style this will be borne by     the customer)

- Damage to the skirtings and paintwork is not covered by Tuftmaster.


Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Laws. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure & compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

The benefits under our warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies available to the consumer under the law in relation to the goods and services to which the warranty relates.

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